IRLA (re) insurance legacy handbook
The new IRLA (re) insurance legacy handbook is an introductory guide to all you need to know about the market and IRLA itself.
Legacy Market Glossary of Terms & Acronyms
A useful guide for new joiners to the jargon you'll come across in the (re) insurance market
IRLA (re) insurance legacy handbook
An extensive introductory guide in a nutshell. Reissue coming soon

Created and published by IRLA, the Insurance & Reinsurance Legacy Association, and its members, as an introduction to the Association, the purpose of and reasons for (re)insurance business transfers and the mechanisms and services that support them. The handbook also provides a precis of business operations, company finances, legal first principles and other matters of legacy interest in the early 2020s. It should be considered both a practical resource and a point of reference for those interested in the operation of the professional legacy market.

Each chapter is intended to give a precis of the matter at hand with suitable references for further research. The author and company of each of our contributions is stated and all have expressed a willingness, as members of IRLA, to take enquiries regarding their specialism, in support of our ambition to educate our members and strengthen our bonds as a market.

The handbook will be updated periodically to ensure that the material remains up to date and that all our members have the opportunity to contribute their particular expertise within it. Order your copy today!

Available to order in hard copy form at £45 per copy with a SIGNIFICANT discount for members.

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