IRLA is the international market body for insurance and reinsurance legacy management professionals. IRLA is recognised as the voice of the legacy management sector by a wide range of government and market bodies including the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA); the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA); the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS); the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) as well as the Bermuda Monetary Authority and other countries. IRLA is also affiliated with several other global market associations working with these to increase benefits to members.

IRLA activities range from industry consultation with government to promotion of the sector’s skills and expertise. In particular, the IRLA Academy provides top quality, competitively priced, professional training.

The Association is keen to offer its expertise of both the board and other members to all who have an interest and this extends in 2024 to Bermuda based colleagues.

IRLA Directors

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Photo of Liam Bedford
Liam Bedford
Development (Personal)
Photo of James Bolton
James Bolton
Photo of Richard Burrows
Richard Burrows
YPG Chairman
Photo of Anirvan Choudhury
Anirvan Choudhury
Photo of Gian Luigi di Franco
Gian Luigi di Franco
Company Secretary
Photo of Jenny Fair
Jenny Fair
Membership Secretary
Photo of Kevin Gill
Kevin Gill
Photo of Leslie-Ann Giovnilli
Leslie-Ann Giovnilli
Development (Corporate)
Photo of Adam Horridge
Adam Horridge
Asia Coordinator

Services to Legacy

The board has a pleasant job each year of thanking retiring members and in some cases either at retirement, or during their employment, will recommend them for a Services to Legacy Award.

The last Award was in 2021 when director Leslie-Ann Giovnilli was acknowledged for her hard work in maintaining the Associations connection with members during the Covid years. Director Jenny Fair as well as AMS team members were also mentioned for their passion and commitment during a difficult time.

Leslie-Ann Giovnilli of AMS/IRLA winner if the 2020/21 Services to Legacy Award with Liam Bedford, Kennedys winner of the Young Professional of the Year
Stephen Roberts, Chairman with Geraldine Quirke of BCLP the 2019/20 Services to Legacy Award winner presented by Paul Corver, past Chairman
Bob Howe, Axa LM being awarded the 2017/18 Services to Legacy Award by Paul Corver, the then Chairman
Luke Tanzer, RiverStone International awarded the 2016/17 Services to Legacy Award by Paul Corver, the then Chairman

Other recognised market people include Paul Taylor (of the then) FSA for his work on recognising legacy as a regulator, John Winter of Ruxley for his extensive work on asbestos matters and Paul Corver of (then) RQIH - who was also awarded the AIRROC Person of the Year 2021 - for his raising the profile of legacy professionalism. A full list can be found here.